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Waterford Tank & Fabrication, LTD was formed in 2006 by Matt Brook and Larry Lang to produce structural and steel fabricated items primarily for the oil and gas industry. They acquired a site in Beverly, Ohio and erected a 10,000 square foot facility with overhead cranes. The demand for storage tanks and related accessories increased and the Company began acquiring more equipment specifically related to the steel tank industry. In 2008, the Company doubled the size of its facilities. In 2011 added another 12,000 square foot building that focused on blasting and painting of large tanks. With continued growth, the Company chose to invest in a new 43,000 square foot in 2013-14 and change its whole approach to manufacturing a wide variety of tanks. The Company designed, acquired and installed a new “state of the art” “lean manufacturing system”. This system coupled with the Company’s quality system and manufacturing certifications has allowed the Company to expand its product line of tanks.



The entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force at Waterford. The Company is impacting industries through a new lean-manufacturing system, smart product design, talented people and superior quality.

Quality that is built into a product is far superior to one that is “inspected in”. Everything that went into designing our new manufacturing system was driven by quality. It begins with our engineering department where we can customize the design of your tank to your exact specifications. After an intense review process, the final drawings are sent to you to validate all elements of the product to insure your expectations can be met.

Using certified materials, the first step in the production process is to cut out the components on our new CNC high definition plasma on a 16’ X 100’ water table. The complete perimeter burn insures close tolerances on all parts. This produces a tight fit in the assembly process that in turn provides for better welds and minimizes leaks.

The tank sides for storage tanks are rolled in our new vertical rolling machine that produces better concentricity, seam alignment and eliminates flat spots. The vertical seam is welded while still in the machine to insure true alignment of the shell and improves material handling. Pressure vessels are normally rolled in our new heavy plate roll that handles material up to 1 3/8ths thick. Lids and bottoms are manufactured with a flange on our new flanging equipment to provide improved fit-up and to strengthen the tank.

The lean manufacturing process incorporates a variety of weld types including manual, semi-automated, and automated equipment. All tanks are tested using their required pressure to verify their air tightness. Our pressure vessel welds are tested, where required, with our new x-ray weld inspection system. Having our own x-ray equipment allows us to be more responsive to our customers and eliminates the delays when using third party services.

The components from the plasma, rolling and flanging operations are then assembled into a tank using a stack build method where the side shells are stacked one at a time and welded internally.

Each tank or vessel is commercially blasted externally and internally, if required, to prepare the surface for painting.

The tank then enters our new semi-automated paint system where it can be finished with a wide variety of colors. Specialized coatings are also available to be applied in this area.

After final assembly, all products are given a final inspection to insure that all numbering, labeling and supporting documentation is complete. The units are then loaded on our own fleet of trucks to ensure timely delivery to you job site.

  • 16’ X 100’ High Definition Plasma Cutting System and Water Table with Beveling and Scribing tools (new)

  • 8’ X ½” 4 roll Vertical Plate Rolling Machine (new)

  • 10’ X 1 3/8ths” 4 roll Horizontal Plate Rolling Machine and Material Handling System

  • 16’ Diameter Flanging Machine (new)

  • 2 Dual Head Twin Wire Automated sub-arc Welding Systems

  • State of the Art Commercial Blasting System with Media Recovery System (new)

  • State of the Art Painting System with Centralized Pumping and Mixing Equipment (new)

  • 20’ X 70’ Conventional Blast Booth

  • 20’ X 70’ Conventional Paint Booth

  • 8 Overhead cranes 5-15 ton Capacity

  • 750 ton 14’ Press Brake

  • Angle master Shearing and Punching System

  • Weld X-ray Inspection System

  • 14’ Sub-arc Seam Welder

  • 7 Tractors and 10 Trailers for Delivery of Product



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