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Pressure Vessels


Waterford Tank and Fabrication vertical separators are pressure vessels designed for separating combined gas and liquid phases into gaseous and liquid components.  The combined stream enters the separator and encounters a deflector plate beginning the first phase of separation.  The liquid component settles to the bottom of the pressure vessel.  The liquid level is controlled by means of a dump valve that sends the liquids to an atmospheric tank or a gun-barrel for additional gravity separation.  The gas component passes through a mist extractor in the top of the pressure vessel removing the remaining small liquid particles before existing the top of the pressure vessel.

Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s vertical separators are manufactured from SA-516, Gr 70 carbon steel or stainless steel with operating pressures up to 500 PSI.  Waterford Tank’s vertical separators are certified to meet ASME Section VIII, Division I Code Standards.  Waterford Tank will blast and coat the exterior of the vertical separator to our customer’s specifications

Waterford Tank and Fabrication vertical separators are used in high gas to liquid environments. 

Our manufacturing facility has achieved the following certifications:    ​

Our popular models are the “Mini Vertical Separator” that measures 24” OD x 30” seam to seam x 62” overall height and the Standard Vertical Separator that measures 24” OD x 64” seam to seam x 88” overall height.

Separators are widely used in many industries and applications such as:

  • Natural gas processing plants

  • Natural gas pipelines

  • Oil refineries

  • Petrochemical and chemical plants

  • Compressor systems for air and gases

  • Air conditioning

  • Refrigeration systems


Waterford Tank and Fabrication will customize your ASME separator that delivers a product that supports your operation.  Building a long-term relationship is our goal.  Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s lead time are the most competitive in the industry.


To learn more about Waterford’s Separators or our custom fabrication services please contact us directly regarding your next project.

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