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Pressure Vessels


The Vapor Recovery Tower (VRT) is a tall, cylindrical pressure vessel that meets ASME Section VIII, Division I Standard Codes.  Standard sizes are 24” to 48” OD with heights up to 40 feet.  Working pressures are up to 175 psig although retained fluids are gravity feed to storage tanks.  The VRT is installed between the production separator or heater treater and the liquid storage tanks.  The VRT is designed to capture the flash gas of crude oil or condensate prior to the atmospheric storage tanks.  The VRT is a closed system that potentially eliminates storage tank flash gas emissions below Quad O regulation thresholds of 6 tons.  The VRT can eliminate potential oxygen in system from storage tanks.  The vapors captured in the VRT can be processed through vapor recovery systems and placed in the natural gas stream for sales or directed to be flared or eliminated through a stand-alone combustor.


Waterford Tank and Fabrication VRT are manufactured with 4” NPT couplings or flanged for fluid inlet and outlet, gas outlet up to 8”, 2” NPT couplings for relief and sensing, lifting lugs, cleanout and base plate with skirt.  Additional piping is optional.  Waterford Tank will blast and coat the exterior of the knockout drum to our customer’s specifications. Waterford Tank and Fabrication can custom manufacture a VRT to meet your production and operations.

Our manufacturing facility has achieved the following certifications:    ​

Common Uses: Oil and gas production facilities, Natural gas processing facilities, Petroleum industry and More.

Waterford Tank and Fabrication will customize your Vapor Recovery Tower that delivers a product that supports your operation.  Building a long-term relationship is our goal.  Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s lead time are the most competitive in the industry.


To learn more about Waterford’s VRT or our custom fabrication services please contact us directly regarding your next project.

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