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Pressure Vessels


Knockout Drums are used to efficiently remove liquid droplets or mist from relief gas streams.  The knockout drum slows down gases and allow liquids to fallout of the gas stream.  Both horizontal and vertical design are common configuration for knockout drums.  These vessels can commonly be referred to as flare knockout drums, flare drums, flash drums, knockout pots and compressor suction drums.  Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s knockout drums can be installed upstream of natural gas compressors, engines and generators, upstream of natural gas filters, vapor recovery systems and upstream of flare stacks.  Advantages of knockout drums are the removal of liquid droplets, reduces flare smoke and prevents the raining of flaming liquids and recovers liquids from gases that go to dew point at ambient pressures and temperatures.

Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s knockout drums are custom manufactured to meet your specific operating conditions.  Manufactured from SA-516, Gr 70 carbon steel or stainless steel with operating pressures up to 500 PSI.  Waterford Tank’s knockout drums are certified to meet ASME Section VIII, Division I Code Standards.  Waterford Tank will blast and coat the exterior of the knockout drum to our customer’s specifications. 

Our manufacturing facility has achieved the following certifications:    ​

Common Uses: Oil refineries, Natural gas processing plants, Compressor systems, Natural gas pipelines, Refrigeration systems, Air conditioning and More.

Waterford Tank and Fabrication will customize your ASME knockout drum that delivers a product that supports your operation.  Building a long-term relationship is our goal.  Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s lead time are the most competitive in the industry.


To learn more about Waterford’s Knockout Drum or our custom fabrication services please contact us directly regarding your next project.

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