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At Waterford Tank & Fabrication, we take pride in being one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of custom single wall above-ground storage tanks. Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s steel storage tanks are designed with a robust, welded steel for environmentally safe storage of petroleum-based products, chemicals, polymers, synthetic lube oils, water, and other liquids. Waterford Tank and Fabrication has partnered with chemical, polymer, bulk petroleum, lube oil, road and highway maintenance and farming operations across America and worldwide. Waterford Tank and Fabrication builds high quality steel storage tanks from 500 gallons up to 30,000 gallons.


Waterford Tank manufactures our tanks from carbon steel or stainless steel, that can be both horizontal or vertical.  Our tanks include fittings for piping up tp 6” NPT and flanged connections up to 12”, manways, emergency vents, relief valves, insulated, connections for heaters, cone bottoms with skirt for vertical tanks, leg supports and saddles for horizontal tanks.  Waterford Tank can provide both internal and external coatings to extend the operational life of your tank.  A full range of accessories such as, ladders, hand rails, stairs, safety gates, platforms and catwalks are available for any size tank.

Our manufacturing facility has achieved the following certifications:    ​

All tanks built by Waterford Tank and Fabrication are produced within strict quality controls; using plasma cutting to ensure close tolerances on all parts, using vertical or horizontal rolling to ensure concentricity and eliminate flat spots, and using quality assurance inspections at each stage of production.  The single wall storage tanks are air tested to 24 ounces and checked for leakage.


Waterford Tank and Fabrication will customize your tank design that delivers a product that supports your operation.  Building a long-term relationship is our goal.  Waterford Tank and Fabrication’s lead time are as little as 30 days.


To learn more about Waterford’s Custom Above Ground Single Wall Storage Tanks or our custom fabrication services please contact us directly regarding your next project.

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